Ganden Tripa

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Tibetan: དགའ་ལྡན་ཁྲི་པ    Chinese: 甘丹赤巴

The Ganden Tripa, the throne-holders of Ganden Monastery, is the head of the Gelugpa order. The Ganden Tripa is nominated or appointed on the basis of a hierarchical progression based on merit, with a tenure of 7 years.

The first Ganden Tripa was Gyaltsab Je (1364-1432). The second was Kedrub Je (1385-1438). 

The current (104th) Ganden Tripa is Jetsun Lobsang Tenzin Palsangpo (1935).


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Synonyms/Additional Terms:
甘丹赤巴, དགའ་ལྡན་ཁྲི་པ, Gaden Tripa
Categories: Buddhism, Tibetan
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