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Tibetan: མདོའི་སྡེ (do de)   Chinese: 經藏, 契經, 修多羅
Sutra means thread in Sanskrit. In Buddhism, the Sutra Pitaka (Sutta Pitaja), one of the Tripitaka, contains over 10,000 canonical teachings of Lord Buddha separated into 5 collections (nikayas):
  • Digha Nikaya: long discourses
  • Majjhima Nikaya: medium length discourses
  • Samyutta Nikaya: connected discourses
  • Anguttara Nikaya: numerical discourses
  • Khuddaka Nikaya: minor collection

There are three types of Sutras:

  • as spoken directly by Lord Buddha
  • spoken by Bodhisattvas with inspiration and blessing of the Buddha
  • as compiled by disciples of Lord Buddha from his teachings

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Synonyms/Additional Terms:
མདོའི་སྡེ, 經藏, 契經, 修多羅, Sutta Pitaja

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