Thirty Five Confession Buddhas

Tibetan: གཤེག་ལྷ་སོ་ལྔ (shek lha so nga)   Chinese: 三十五佛

From Sutra of the Three Heaps (Triskandhadharmasutra):

  1. Shakyamuni
  2. Vajrapramardi (Complete Subduer with Vajra Essence)
  3. Ratnarsis (Radiant Jewel)
  4. Nagesvararaja (King of the Nagas)
  5. Virasena (Leader of the Warriors)
  6. Viranandi (Glorious Joy)
  7. Ratnagni (Jewel Fire)
  8. Ratnacandraprabha (Jewel Moonlight)
  9. Amoghadarsi (Meaningful Vision)
  10. Ratnacandra (Jewel Moon)
  11. Vimala (Stainless One)
  12. Suradatta (Glorious Giving)
  13. Brahma (Pure One)
  14. Brahmadatta (Giving of Purity)
  15. Varuna (Water Deity)
  16. Varunadeva (God of Water Deities)
  17. Bhadrasri (Glorious Goodness)
  18. Candanasri (Glorious Sandalwood)
  19. Anantaujas (Infinite Splendour)
  20. Prabhasri (Glorious Light)
  21. Asokasri (Sorrowless Glory)
  22. Narayana (Son of Non-Desire)
  23. Kusumasri (Glorious Flower)
  24. Tathagata Brahmajyotivikriḍitabhijna (Clearly Knowing Through Pure Radiance)
  25. Tathagata Padmajyotirvikriditabhijna (Clearly Knowing Through Lotus Radiance)
  26. Dhanasri (Glorious Wealth)
  27. Smrtisri (Glorious Mindfulness)
  28. Suparikirtitanamagheyasri (Renowned Glorious Name)
  29. Indraketudhvajaraja (King of the Victory Banner that Crowns the Sovereign)
  30. Suvikrantasri (Glorious One Who Fully Subdues)
  31. Yuddhajaya (Perfect Victor in Battle)
  32. Vikrantagami (Glorious Transcendence Through Subduing)
  33. Samantavabhasavyuhasri  (Glorious Manifestations Illuminating All)
  34. Ratnapadmavikrami (Jewel Lotus who Subdues All)
  35. Ratnapadmasupfatixthita-xailendrarzja (Conqueror of the Enemy, Perfect Buddha Who Dwells on the Lotus Jewel, King of the Sovereign Mount Meru)

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Synonyms/Additional Terms:
གཤེག་ལྷ་སོ་ལྔ, 三十五佛

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