Tantric College

Tibetan: རྒྱུད་སྟོད, རྒྱུད་སྨད       Chinese: 上密院, 下密院
Gyume and Gyuto are the two main Gelug tantric monasteries.
Gyume, also known as Lower Tantric College, was founded by Gyu Sherab Sengge in Lower Central Tibet in 1433.
In 1475, Jetsun Kunga Dhondub established Gyuto, (Upper Tantric College). It is located near Ramoche Temple in Lhasa.
The birth place of the student monks normally determines which college they enter. For example, Mongolians and Ladakhis normally go to Gyume.
Currently, Gyume has relocated in India at Hunsur, Karnataka. Gyuto has relocated to Sidhbari, near Dharamsala, India.

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Synonyms/Additional Terms:
Gyuto, Gyumed, Gyume, Tantric Monastery, Tantric College, 上密院, 下密院, རྒྱུད་སྟོད, རྒྱུད་སྨད

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