Sichaun Gala Xiang Monastery

Gala Monastery Reconstruction News The monastery is located in Sichuan province, Yajiang County, Gala Village, 14 km from Yajiang town. The original building was constructed over

2017-09-12 to 14 H.E. the Jangtse Choeje, Kyabje Gosok Rinpoche Teaching at Gaden Jangtse

H.E. Jangtse Choje Gosok Rinpoche 2017 August Video

H.E. Gosok Rinpoche appointed the Jangtse Choje

H.E. Gosok Rinpoche has been appointed the Jangtse Choje (second-in-line to the Gaden Tripa – Supreme Head of the Gelukpa Order of Tibetan Buddhism) by His

Toronto 2017

1) Saturday April 29 Yamantaka Fire Puja at the Tibetan Culture Centre. Address 40 Titan Road, Toronto ON M8Z 2J8 Starting at 9am to 15:30pm      Vegetarian lunch will be served  2)

Thailand 2017

Nepal 2017


India 2017


ཝེ་ཊི་ནམ 2017